Constructing investment properties and dual occupancies is a specialised process, one that we are intimately aware of and have mastered thanks to many years of experience in the Industry.

There are several difficulties a novice developer can face, causing cost overruns, time delays and compliance complication in their projects. Here is where we support our clients, sharing with them all our experience and knowledge to make sure they get the best return in their investments.

How it works

At Macquarie Knight Constructions, we identify the best suited sites for investment properties and dual occupancies to offer them as packages to our clients. Our team’s comprehensive understanding of local council and state government requirements, combined with our streamlined systems that ensure the approval process is expedited, make the building experience smooth, timely and cost effective for our clients.

We can undertake as much or as little of the process as you require – typically our projects adopt the following steps:

1. Education appointment

The most important piece of the puzzle is understanding how property Investment works. So at this point we will offer you a free education appointment where you will get to ask all the questions you have, and you will learn everything you need to know about your project before going any further.

2. Finance appointment

During this crucial step, we will take into account your personal financial situation and work in coordination with our specialised brokers to find the best solution based on your budget and needs.

3. Property purchase

We will make this step incredibly simple as we have already done all the leg work for you! We will source land in the best locations and provide you with custom designed homes that will rent well so it is easy for you to make a choice.

4. Land settlement

We have carefully chosen our Conveyancer to do all our land settlements to make sure it is a smooth process for you!

5. House construction

During this stage of the process, we will project manage your build and send you updates every week. We will look after every detail to make sure your property is perfect for rent and even be something you would want to live in yourself.

6. Property leased

Part of our service includes in-house property management. We care about your property as if it was our own, this is why we ensure your property is tenanted rapidly after settlement, and it is well looked after at all times.

7. Post settlement

At this stage of the process, our Quantity Surveyors will provide all the specialised financial details required for your accountant so you can maximise the tax benefits with your investment property.

8. On-going service

We are here to help! From time to time, you may have questions arise regarding your finished property. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will love to assist you with this!

9. Future property investment

We always have our finger on the pulse for future locations, upcoming infrastructure, and exciting developments. We will share these opportunities with you so you can add them to your portfolio when the time is right.